Supreme Court Ruling

Personal History

The Supreme Court Ruling gives all of us the reason for celebration.

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I believe that true love is gender blind. All couples have the right to marry their true love. I will perform your ceremony at the location of your choice. Helping other couples to fulfill their dreams is my goal.



​I was born and raised in Ohio. I became ordained on July 5, 1999 in Ohio. I had a very religious family and I married the woman that they wanted me to marry. However, on August 4 2001, my wife filed for divorce. On June 1, 2002 the divorce became final. Later that year on Christmas Day of 2001 I “came out” to my family. I had to explain to them that I was living a lie to make them happy. I also left my ministry in 2002 to find myself as a person and to work on getting out of my depression. This is something that I had to accomplish on my own. I was also fighting an endless battle to make others happy and never took the time to find myself or my own happiness.

When the Supreme Court made the original announcement early in 2015, I began to work on getting back into the ministry. On May 15, 2015, I became ordained in the state of Tennessee. As of June 26, 2015, same-sex marriages became legal in all of the United States. I believe that true love is gender blind and all couples have the right to marry their true love. I am willing to perform a ceremony of your choosing at the location of your choice. I thank you for your time and business.

Edward A Meek


I will preform the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

​As of Friday, June 26, 2015; The Supreme Court has declared that States cannot ban same sex marriages. This allows equal dignity under the eyes of the law. In addition, it allows equal protection of who we are and who we love. Furthermore, no State can determine who we should love and who we marry.